“increasing global wellbeing by facilitating dialogue and transparency
between organizations and people”

About us

Web Done was established in 2009 and since then has been providing services to a wide range of companies as well as private, business and government entities. We also believe in social involvement and in contribution to the community, hence dedicating considerable time and resources to that matter. Consequently, you can find in our customer list a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Our concept is holistic – that is, we believe that since the Internet is a wide and complex, it is necessary to use all the platforms and tools at one’s disposal to support a brand or emphasize a message. The “either-or” question has given way to an era in which the consumer searches for the brand on all platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, content sites, forums, blogs, shopping platforms and more – the Internet is flooded with options and one must choose wisely between the options, in accordance with the target audience, the goal of the campaign and the manner in which the message should be conveyed. Our choice will always concern the best interests of the customer and the optimal way in which the intended outcome may be achieved.

When the on-line presence of a brand, organization, or a movement is appropriate and engages the public in a constant and intelligent dialogue, they may end complex crises quickly and frequently prevent their emergence altogether. Regardless of the nature of the crisis, be it health-, security- or service-related, similar principles help us in their mitigation. We believe that while the Internet might be a source of crises it is also a source for opportunities.

Michal Schreiber is a media woman who believes first and foremost in the importance of communication between people. Michal is a New Media expert with extensive journalistic and marketing experience (Media platforms such as TV, radio and digital). Over the years, Michal helped dozens of organizations and leading brands to improve their on-line brand perception as well as in crisis situations. Michal is a lecturer at leading universities in Israel and abroad, an Internet expert and is famous for her digital-marketing podcast “Feed Me” on Tel Aviv Radio.

Web Done is the winner of the prestigious Social Media Leadership Award (#SMLA13 ), awarded by the world-leading Wharton Business School.
Ranked first in the Government and Local Government international category
Candidates from ca. 15 countries participated in the competition
The award celebrated the firm’s excellence in providing online public-information services to the Crisis Unit of the Home Front Command during Operation Pillar of Defense.

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